Welcome to Tsinghua Law School’s website! Before you begin perusing through the information available here, allow me to be your guide and to give a bief introduction to the Law School.

Tsinghua University was founded in 1911. Prior to 1952, it was a comprehensive university of which the Law School was an integral part. The Law School was later merged into other universities, and Tsinghua University became a multi-disciplinary technological institute. After a journey spanning close to a century, Tsinghua University has graduated many prominent scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, politicians. As well, it has nurtured numerous legal talents for this country that has been inflicted with natural disasters, turbulent times, and uncertainties from within and abroad.

To support the development of socialist legal construction, and to complement Tsinghua University’s strategic goal of becoming a world class comprehensive university, Legal Studies was re-established in the institution in September 1995. In April 1999, the Law School was reconstructed.

The fate of the country rests on the rule of law. Without the rule of law, there can be no modernization. Its development must begin with legal education. Without a high-calibre legal education, there can be no healthy rule of law. The top universities of this nation have an indispensable responsibility to assist in legal construction. In light of the special circumstances of Tsinghua Law School, the entire faculty body fulfills their responsibilities diligently, strives for constant improvement, and has the courage to innovate. This has enabled Tsinghua’s Law School to distinguish itself within a short period of time. Be it within the legal academic circles of China or abroad, the Law School has established itself a stronghold in legal education, as well as a meeting point for international exchange.

With the approval of the government, we are introducing innovative changes to our undergraduate program in order to develop international legal talent. We successfully obtained the right to confer first degree masters and doctoral degrees. Moreover, we have our own post doctoral research centre. We are also the first university in China to offer an LL.M in Chinese Law program for international law students that is taught fully in English. Our J.M program is in the midst of being revolutionalized. Tsinghua Law Review has officially been published, and is an important academic journal for the publication of outstanding results. We have established strong ties with numerous world-class law schools abroad. Our law programs are taught in an independent law building, and we are the first to provide each and every one of our teaching faculty with individual offices. Last but not least, we possess an impressive law library.

After ten years of diligent work, we count among our ranks some of China's best legal scholars. Most of our faculty members, of whom we are most proud, possess both overseas experience and practical legal experience. Each one of them has outstanding experience and academic success. We continue to expand our efforts in recruiting fresh legal talent. Moreover, we have an efficient, thoughtful, responsible management team that serves our faculty and students.

Our mission is to help establish and refine the rule of law in China, and to contribute to peaceful development. Specifically, we have two tasks. The first is to nurture legal talent. Our philosophy can be summed up in four words: credibility, responsibility, righteousness, and excellence. To behave ethically and to be credible are the necessary qualities of true legal elite. “Responsibility” points to our aim to train students that hold a solemn commitment to serve society, to view the betterment of the world as their mission, and have a strong sense of responsibility. We strive to train students who can carry upon their shoulders the arduous responsibilities of our country. “Moral uprighteousness” is our aim to nurture students who are fair and have a sense of justice. Indeed, law itself can be viewed as the art of actualizing justice. To be fair and unprejudiced is fundamental to members of the legal community. “Excellence” is a sense of professionalism and to constantly work towards perfection. It is to take every class and every student seriously. I wish that every Tsinghua Law graduate can be forged into credible, responsible, just, and excellent shining stars in the legal community.

Our second mission is to produce world-class results in the area of research. Legal construction in China is of an unprecedented scale. How to learn from humanity’s experience in creating a legal system, and to develop a system that takes into account China’s circumstances requires a unique set of theory. Tsinghua Law School must contribute and play a leading role in the process of crafting this system.

With great teachers and facilities, with brilliant students, and with resolve, we have the confidence in developing legal talent. We have the confidence in delivering exemplary academic results, and to become a stellar law school that can contribute to development of a nation that is ruled by law.

Thank you for your support! Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and advice with us.

SHEN Weixing

Dean of Tsinghua Law School