With the founding of the LL.M. Program in Chinese Law in 2005, the Tsinghua School of Law was the first law school in China to have an LL.M. program for foreign law students and legal professionals. The program has grown to be the largest and most recognized foreign LL.M. program in China. Students in the 2009 Class came from 15 countries and had a diverse array of educational backgrounds, legal qualifications, and professional experience. As a common language, courses of the LL.M. program are taught entirely in English.

In the fall of 2008, students from the LL.M. Program decided that a law review published in English could increase the level of scholarship on Chinese law that is available to a global audience. In December, 2008, the LL.M. students submitted a draft proposal to the law school administration. The Tsinghua Law School Administration supported the idea, both in spirit and in substance, and provided the TCLR with office space and access to law school resources.

From the beginning, the law review has been designed to be a collaborative effort within Tsinghua Law School, between both foreign and Chinese law students. As you will see from the current composition of the Board of Editors, there are a roughly equal number of foreign and Chinese students. This staff allows us to draw on the strengths, skills, and substantive knowledge of developed in many different legal systems. We hope that the value of this cross-cultural and cross-jurisdictional staff is evident in the quality of the TCLR.