The Tsinghua China Law Review (ISSN: 2151-8904; cite as Tsinghua China L. Rev.) was founded as an organization in 2008, with the goal of beginning publication in May, 2009. The TCLR is a student-edited, English-language journal covering topics related to Chinese law and intended for a global audience.

The TCLR Board of Editors is composed of students at the Tsinghua University School of Law, both Chinese and international students studying in various Chinese Law programs. The Board of Editors is collaborate on publication decisions with a group of Tsinghua School of Law Faculty, the TCLR Faculty Advisory Board.

The format of the TCLR is similar to U.S. law reviews and follows the Bluebook rules for legal citation. The TCLR is currently printed in the United States and distributed to law libraries, legal scholars, and other subscribers in the U.S., China, and around the world. In the future, the TCLR aims to be available on the internet through services such as Westlaw, LexisNexis, and HeinOnline.

The TCLR Mission Statement:

The Tsinghua China Law Review seeks to be a publication of the highest quality, publishing scholarly articles on legal issues affecting China. We seek to reach out to legal scholars, judges, lawyers, law students and others interested in China's legal system throughout the world in order to deepen the understanding of China's laws and society. Our goals are to increase the level of legal scholarship in China, to support the development of China's legal system as a system of rule of law, and elevate the reputation of the Tsinghua School of Law as a world-class institution of higher learning for the study of law.”

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