LIANG Shangshang


LIANG Shangshang

Professor of Law


PH.D in Law, 2004, Tsinghua University;

LLM, 1997, Institute of Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS);

LLB, 1994, Hangzhou University (Zhejiang Univ. now)


1997.08-1999.08, Lecturer of Law, Law School, Zhejiang University;

1999.09-2002.11, Assistant Professor of Law, Law School, Zhejiang University;

2002.12-2006.11, Associate Professor of Law, Law School, Zhejiang University;

2006.12-2013.09, Professor of Law, Law School, Zhejiang University;

2013.09-Present, Professor of Law, Law School, Tsinghua University


Council Member, China Law Society

Arbitrator of Hangzhou Arbitration Commission


Civil and Commercial Law, Legal Methods



On Shareholder’ Voting Right, Law Press China, June 2005.

A Theory ofInterests’weighing, Law Press China, June 2013.

Selected Articles:

1. On Goodwill and its Right,Chinese Journal of Law, No.5, November1993.

2. On the Liability of the Sponsor of aJoint-stock Company, Chinese Journal of Law, No.6,1997.

3. Enterprise Association’s Conduct Counter-competition, Chinese Journal of Law, No.4, September1998.

4. Stratified Structure of Interest and the Unfolding of Interest Measurement, Chinese Journal of Law, No.1, February 2002.

5. The Doctrine of Numerus, Chinese Journal of Law, No.3, May 2003.

6. with Bei jinxin: The Balance of Interests and the Design of the transfer of Mortgaged Goods, Chinese Journal of Law, No.4,July 2005.

7. Shareholder’ Voting Right: the Connecting Point between Corporate Ownership and Corporate Controlling, China Legal Science, No.3, 2005.

8. Logic in weighing system Interests, China Legal Science, No.4, 2012.

9. Boundary Line of Interests Balancing, Tribute of Political Science and Law (Journal of China University of Political Science and Law ), No.5,2006.

10. The examination Duty of Party to a Company Guarantee Contract, Law Science, No.3 2013.